Concrete mixer plays an important role in concrete mixing plant

  • HM Machinery


In concrete mixing station, our preferred mixing console is compulsory concrete mixer; he is mechanical core equipment, but also the entire stir the heart station. Concrete mixer can be called the heart of the unit of time you want to complete the scheduled production of concrete.

concrete mixing plant must choose well. concrete mixer with a high degree of automation, production capacity, high weighing accuracy, low investment, good mixing quality, to achieve multi-compartment number, with more than uninterrupted continuous production and a host of domestic and its main components the degree of advantages. Smooth mini concrete mixer installation firm, walking round to leave the ground, stands higher than the ground.

Concrete mixer before the boot good electrical equipment, idle running until after mechanical operating normally, stir together the material. Side feeding operation while adding water, you can not then start adding material, feeding must not exceed the rated capacity. Plus quantity, mixer tool can not collide, but not in operation within the tool into his steak feed mixer. Can not enter the hopper debris must be shut down for when clearing debris.

Faulty operation, power outages should stop, look for reasons not to use tools leveraging other dangerous methods, forced mechanical operation. Must be set at the inlet iron shed, the use can not be arbitrarily removed, dismantled cleanup immediate need is installed, the work is completed to clean mixer, not the motor and electrical damp clean up.Class concrete mixing machine is the heart of mixing station, blender if you are buying inferior products, will cause a lot of damage and failure of the entire production line, like the human body, once the heart of the problem, all other functions will be lost.


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