Small Concrete Mix Plant Management in Rainy Days

  • HM Machinery

Rainy days would bring unfavorable factors to small concrete mix plant management.


Cement silo is the main storage equipment of concrete batching plant and raining weather is a taboo for cement silo. Large quantity of rainfall would make the surface of cement silo become moist. While, for concrete batching plant, the basic structure is made of steel or other metals, so rain erosion would bring severe damage to cement silo and other parts of concrete batching plant, especially to these parts which are not sprayed exterior paint or are not taken other maintenance measures.

If concrete mix plant users do not pay more attention to these problems in long-term application, it would generate severe consequences. Long-term rain erosion would cause cement silo or some other components generate hidden danger, thus generating accidents.

What the manager of concrete batching plant should do in rainy days?

Actually, for any machinery equipment, long-term maintenance is very important to them. Long-term maintenance is as important as daily operation. Carelessness would cause accidents. So the strict production and management system is the guarantee of safe production.

When operating near cement silo, people must take notice of not lingering under the cement silo for a long period of time. This is very important, no matter for operators or other person. Especially when operators storing materials for cement silo or maintaining cement silo, lingering near cement silo is very dangerous.Timely report when finding hidden dangers on cement silo and take emergency measures aiming at hidden dangers.

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